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Plans & Arrangements


To facilitate the fabulousness,

Because would it not be nicer to wake up the Saturday morning of June 24th, 2017 and be...<not far!>...from the start of the Vintage Bike Ride?

Because would it not be nicer to casually saunter...<not far> your room after the Vintage Picnic Social to comfortably refresh yourself for the post-event evening festivities?

Well then Ol' Sport it's settled, you're staying over!!

Arrangements have been made for a stay at Philly's newest luxury accommodations at the: 

AKA University City

Cira Center South

2929 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

For $255 per night Friday June 23rd through Sunday June 25th. (FYI: that normal rate is $319!)

The group cutoff date for making your reservation will be June 17 2017; this is the number you will need call to make your reservation:


The group will be under:

Philly Seersucker Vintage Bike Ride

So come on!

Ensure that your participation in the annual Philly Seersucker Vintage Bike Ride & Social will be fabulously relaxed,


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