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Need A...


Well yes, for 2017 we are again partnering with Philly's Indego Bike Share (details coming soon)...​


But would you like a Bike of YOUR OWN??

Well in our ongoing effort to make the fabulousness as easy as possible...


For a fine ride truly worthy of a discerning Dandy or quintessential Quaintrelle...

Have a look, buy a raffle ticket, take a chance to get a ride that was built for luxurious fabulousness...

How about a LUXURY CRUISER...

Featuring, a big comfortable seat and wide tires to soak up any rough road

to ensure a plush ride worthy of a Dandy Dandy or a Quaint Quaintrelle...

...three speeds so turning the pedals is always easy!...

...large saddle bags with ample room for those chilled "extras"

that are standard for one with distinction...

Now how would one acquire such for the ULTIMATE Philly Seersucker Vintage Bike Ride?


Click here to get your chance at these fabulous prizes for just $5!!

(It's all one drawing, but the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win!)

(One prize per winner, let's share the chances at fabulousness!)

Winner need not be present to win

Drawing will be held the weekend BEFORE the Philly Seersucker Vintage Bike Ride & Social

(Sunday, June 18th, 2017) 

Bike MUST be picked up on or before Wednesday June 21st

Other prizes will be presented at the drawing or on the day of the  event.

(Portion of proceeds to benefit Neighborhood Bike Works!!)

And the winner of the Grand Prize!!

The Luxury Three Speed Cruiser Bike sponsored by Dandies & Quaintrelles-Philly!

Ticket #756458

Purchaser: Thomas Fisher

(and yes, the "convenience" security cable is included!)


...and a large, strong (extending!) rack,

perfectly suited to strap on a picnic basket and blanket!

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